Get More Done
With Just Email

Gopher is a platform for building, discovering and using purely email-based applications. No plugins. No downloads. No switching email programs.


Streamline workflows, improve efficiency and bring different
applications into one efficient, familiar user interface: email
Perfectly Complete Followups
Gopher provides everything needed to complete a task at the exact moment the task needs to be done. This means there is no need to switch programs to complete a task.

For example, Gopher can pull the latest account history and contact information from Salesforce and place it in your inbox right when a Salesforce actvity becomes due. Similar followups can be triggered for HR documents, project management updates, time card entries, support tickets, invoices and more.
Data Entry via Email
Instead of switching between programs to enter data, make it possible directly via email.

For example, sales reps can use Gopher's email-based actions to add customer notes and quickly schedule followups. Gopher can add any data to any system, complete tasks, label issues, assign support tickets and more.
Email-Based Commands
Gopher's email-based commands turn an email address into a powerful text-based command tool.

For example, log an email and schedule a followup in your CRM using one, swift command. Commands can add tagsĀ (shown here), trigger workflows, create tickets, create invoices, assign tasks and more. Use Gopher's autocomplete tools to pre-populate an email client, making email commands extremely efficient from any device.

Just Email

Get things done with less software.
Any Device
Phone, tablet, desktop, laptop. Any email client, anywhere.
Nothing To Install
No downloads. No apps. It already works with your email.
Gopher does more with the technology you already have.

Hello World

Gopher's development tools make it easy to leverage email as a universal interface. Build a low-friction extension to an existing product, streamline internal operations or even create the next email-based viral app.
Developer Preview
Development Sandbox
Quickly build and prototype extensions with visual feedback, logging and helpful utilities.
Open Source Starter Kit
Get a working Gopher Extension deployed within minutes of starting.
Support, Docs and Examples
Clear documentation, Postman integration and a helpful community.

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