Get Things Done
With Email

Gopher is an open platform that lets you get things done without leaving your inbox.

The Gopher Command Bar for Gmail

Schedule reminders, send followups and create calendar events with just a few keystrokes. Choose from our existing extensions, or create your own.

Behind the scenes, Gopher is entirely based on native email, using the native Gopher Platform to add add email addresses to the 'bcc' field.

Quickly Schedule An Email Reminder

Never Forget to Follow Up

Forgetful recipient? No problem. Gopher has you covered. Just start typing "remind", followed by a date in plain English.

Natural Date Language

Gopher is a wizard at figuring out your date formats. Type whatever date and time you're thinking, recurring or otherwise.

Quickly Postpone

Forward your emails to Gopher. Type the date or time interval you want and hit send.

Calendar Invites In An Instant

Just start typing "gcal"...

You can "click" or "tab" your way through Gopher's options. Create your calendar event in seconds.

Invite Others

Choose the "everyone" option to send a calendar invite to everyone in the "to" and "cc" fields. Help your forgetful friends and co-workers to not forget important dates.

Memorize Anything

Spaced Repetition

Gopher’s “memorize” command uses a spaced repetition algorithm, placing information at the top of your inbox at increasing intervals optimized for memory retention.

Stay Top of Mind

Make sure your product stays top mind with a potential customer or influencer. Use ”memorize” to be reminded to follow up with them at the perfect moment.

Growing List of Commands

Coming soon...

Quickly file notes in Evernote with a tag, notebook and reminder. When the reminder becomes due, get the latest note content right in your inbox.

Log your emails and automate your data entry in Salesforce. Gopher creates activities and pulls everything into one, useful followup email. You never leave your inbox.

Incredibly Productive Followups

This is an interactive Gopher followup. It has everything needed to complete the followup. And instead of going to for data entry, Gopher can do it all via email.

Build Your Own Commands

Use the open source Gopher Command Kit to create a command in only 5 minutes.

Email-Based Actions

We’ve re-purposed the “mailto” link, allowing users to accomplish tasks tasks using a feature already built into their mail client. Email-based actions turn an email into an http request.

Forward Email Parsing

We can parse “Forward Block”, allowing your command to easily work with forward an email. Look up contact data, automate data entry and more just by forwarding.

Deeply Integrated Scheduling

As the creators of FollowUpThen, we understand the importance of timing. A reminder API is deeply integrated into Gopher commands, allowing for quick scheduling based on natural-language dates.

Augmented Followups

Craft followup emails that contain the perfect information at the perfect moment to get something done. Use recurring followups to send a repeating reminder that always has the latest content.


Within a few minutes of downloading the NodeJS Gopher Command Kit, you’ll have Gopher talking to a custom command running on your computer. Publish it to AWS Lambda with only one more command. All tooling comes baked into the kit.

Reply-To Your Application

Catpure the “replyto” on any Gopher email as an http request. You command can just send an email (or a scheduled followup) that requests a reply. Gopher breaks it all down to normal http requests.

Open Source Command Kit

Clone our command kit and you'll have a working command in 5 minutes. Copy, clone or fork as you see fit. Build your own internal tools, or publish your commands to share them with the world.

Just Webhooks

All of these poweful features are distilled into simple webhooks for your command. We send you a webhook with useful JSON, you reply with useful JSON that tells Gopher what to do next.


The Command Kit publishes to AWS Lambda using the Serverless framework. This means cheap (or free) hosting, near-infinite scalability, portability and a maintenance free environment.